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Q & A

How to get over fear?



Getting over your fear is the single biggest obstacle in parkour. It’s also the most personal and the hardest to teach.


Why are you afraid? Is fear of the body or fear of the mind? If you don’t think you have any chance at actually landing the move, don’t try it. If your body is scared of a move but you know in your mind that you can land it, go for it.


Fear serves a purpose. Always remember that. If you’re really afraid of something, there’s a reason. Find that reason and eliminate it, and your fear will be gone.


If you can’t commit fully to a move, go back to the basics. If you can’t nerve yourself up for a 9 foot precision, go back to doing 8 foot precisions. If you can’t do a back handspring, keep doing macacos.




Is it okay to play basketball after lifting weights?



Doing cardio/Basketball after weight training will help you burn more fat, but if you wanna gain some muscles you have to do the weights training separate from the baskerball, so you can keep the blood flowing to the muscle as long as possible (minimum 4-5 hours), Basketball going to disturb the blood flow to the biceps you've been working for ex. trying to deliver the blood to the other body parts (Lower body) due to running action, which going to burn more calories instead of gaining muscles.




How to gain weight over the summer, but not have stomach fat?!?




you need to focus on weights training+Cardio+cutting down the sugar & carbs, for weights training you have to focus on the whole body not just the stomach to gain Harmonic body, and make sure you do your cardio session in the morning, satisfy your body needs from protein, stay motivated and monitor your progress, it's ok with one-two cheat days during the week (Pizza & ice cream ... etc).




What else should I be doing in the gym other than treadmill and Aquatics class 4 days a week?




you should add weights training to your schedule, you can't shape your body without muscles, start with light weights then monitor your progress, it's like a game :) but make sure you do them the right way, and btw weights training keeps your metabolism running on a high level during the comfort zone.




Could i keto diet on just string cheese? it has fat and protein and near zero carbs would it be safe?




Before judging that kind of diet method, let's think about it, you will focus on just string cheese, that means you will experience massive losing weight after 4 days cause your body will eat itself to survive and provide energy+ Fatigue, Exhaustion and Muscle Weakness!! and to be honest you can't spend your whole life eating just String Cheese, so once you get back to your normal eating method your body will store fats more than it used to so it can prepare/adapt similar cases in the future!! So what do you think?